I just want to show, that becoming wealthy or rich is not really that hard. The only thing you need is time and some money to start with. $10.000 should be enough, but $20.000 is saver.

Beginners always want to make a lot of money as fast as possible. They think they can make a fortune, by following some Guru or Expert. But this never works. Nobody knows where the Market will be tomorrow, in a week or in a month, not even in a year. But we all know that the Market is going up over the years.

So what I’m doing in this Blog is showing how 3 different Accounts will perform over the years. The only thing I’m doing is writing Options of the ES (S&P E-Mini Future) and/or the SPY (ETF on the S&P 500). Follow this Blog and you will see how all 3 Accounts are growing.